Eugenia Ignatova

Eugenia Ignatova is a multidisciplinary artist currently working with total installations using mediums of photography, temporary sculpture, and archive. 

Her practice is formed by the concept of time and its relation to a life experience, through creating physical objects that reflect associative connections. 

She’s been chosen as FRESH EYES Talent 2023. Her projects have been showcased in exhibition spaces in UK, Serbia, and Russia. Eugenia Ignatova’s work Highlights is represented in the MMOMA fund.

Currently Eugenia lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia

Eugenia Ignatova I cannot prove that my conception is correct, but it is my religionSculpture / photography / archive
Eugenia Ignatova Highlights Photography book
Eugenia Ignatova Untitled Photogram
Eugenia Ignatova Find a shadow on a Saturday afternoonPop up total installation / 9 min audio